Tampa Bay Estuary Specialty License Plate

Keep Tampa Bay on the Road to Recovery. Reel In a Tarpon Tag.

Whether you are an avid fisherman in search of feisty snook, tarpon, or redfish, a kayaker who enjoys paddling through a maze of mangroves, or simply a landlubber who appreciates the fiery reflection of a sunset over the water, you can help support bay restoration efforts by purchasing a Tampa Bay Estuary specialty license plate (Tarpon Tag).

This specialty license plate depicts the unforgettable thrill of landing a majestic, silvery tarpon. Chosen as an emblem of Tampa Bay’s recovery, the Tampa Bay Estuary Specialty License Plate is a bargain at just $17 per year.

A man on a boat. A graphic of the Tampa Bay Specialty License Plate is layered atop the image.

Protect Your Playground

Revenues from the tag are returned to the local community in the form of Bay Mini-Grants to citizen groups, schools, and non-profit organizations. Projects funded through this program are directly linked to the goals of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program’s Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Since 2000, more than $2 million have supported eligible habitat restoration, pollution prevention, and environmental education projects.

An educator helps a student pour water into a beaker.

How To Get A Tarpon Tag

In Person

Believe it or not, the easiest way to purchase a Tampa Bay Estuary Plate (also known as the Tarpon Tag) is by visiting any Florida Tax Collector office or tag agency. For office locations, click on the button below:

By Mail At Renewal Time

To order your tag at your regular tag renewal time, click on the button below to download a PDF of the Tampa Bay Estuary license plate renewal form and mail it to your Tax Collector or tax agency with your renewal notice and the correct tag fee.

By Mail Anytime

You don’t have to wait until your regular tag renewal time to get your Tampa Bay Estuary plate. Click on the button below to download a PDF of the license plate replacement form and mail it to your county tax collector with the correct tag fee.

How Much is a Tarpon Tag?

The Tampa Bay Estuary Tarpon Tag costs just $17 per year, making it one of the most affordable specialty license plates available in Florida.

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