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Summer rains don’t water fertilizer in — they wash it off our lawns and into our lakes, bays and oceans. The excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the water feeds algae blooms that use up oxygen, kill fish, and turn the water the color of pea soup. Help us make sure everyone knows to skip the fertilizer this summer. Together, we Floridians can protect our fun.

Request for Proposals

The Tampa Bay Estuary Program is soliciting proposals for the Tampa Bay Regional Stormwater Controls Identification and Implementation Project. The anticipated project duration is 3 years and will be conducted over three phases: 1) Regional Stormwater Controls Identification, 2) Design and Permitting, and 3) Priority Project Implementation. Up to $1.5 million has been made available for Phases 1 and 2 of the project. Up to $8 million in additional funding may be available for implementing Phase 3 of the project, contingent upon approval by FDEP and the RESTORE Council. Questions must be submitted using the online form by August 16, 2024. Proposals are due September 20, 2024.

2025 Bay Mini-Grants

Now accepting applications for 2025 Bay Mini-Grant projects!

Awards up to $5,000 may be available for environmental education and improvement projects in the Tampa Bay watershed. Applications are due by 5pm on September 13, 2024.

Economic Value of Tampa Bay

The natural resources of Tampa Bay support essential industries such as tourism, mineral extraction, marine transportation, and other commercial and recreational activities. This study values the annual economic impacts, property value premiums, and ecosystem services provided by Tampa Bay and its watershed. 

Keep Tampa Bay on the Road to Recovery

Help support bay restoration efforts by purchasing a Tampa Bay Estuary specialty license plate, also known as the Tarpon Tag. Proceeds from sales of the plate directly fund our community-based Bay Mini-Grant program each and every year.

Accepting Project Concepts

Have an idea for a project but not sure where to start? Whether it is a simple idea in the brainstorming phase or a well thought out plan with a scope of work, interested applicants are encouraged to submit a letter of intent (accepted on a rolling basis) using our electronic portal.

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How to Adopt and Install Your Own Vertical Oyster Garden

Vertical Oyster Gardens are an excellent way for homeowners to play an active role in the restoration of the Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay watersheds while contributing to a growing citizen science effort. This How-to video walks interested adoptees through the adoption process from start to finish.

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