Now Accepting Proposals for 2023 TBERF

TBERF is currently seeking applications for cost-effective projects that will protect, restore, or enhance the natural resources of Tampa Bay and its contributing watershed.

Proposals must be submitted electronically by 5:00 pm EDT, March 15, 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

State of the Bay

Curious about the health of Tampa Bay? The State of the Bay progress report summarizes the work of TBEP and our partners between 2019 and 2021. The report is organized around our three priorities: Clean Water & Sediments, Thriving Habitats & Abundant Wildlife, and an Informed, Engaged, Responsible, Community. Major successes, challenges, and project highlights are featured for each priority. 

Habitat Master Plan | 2020 Update

Tampa Bay is home to a rich mosaic of habitats that provide life-sustaining resources to wildlife and humans alike.  The Habitat Master Plan 2020 Update identifies habitat restoration targets that consider future stressors facing our region.

Is there a dirty secret under your dream home?

A lateral sewer line connects a home’s plumbing to the public sewer system, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to maintain it. An old and damaged lateral line could lead to sewage back-ups into your yard and home, turning your dream purchase into a mess of costly repairs.

Keep Tampa Bay on the Road to Recovery

Help support bay restoration efforts by purchasing a Tampa Bay Estuary specialty license plate, also known as the Tarpon Tag. Proceeds from sales of the plate directly fund our community-based Bay Mini-Grant program each and every year.

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Latest from Bay Soundings

Follow the links below for news from our colleagues at Bay Soundings, Tampa Bay’s environmental and science news journal.

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2022 State of the Bay Progress Report

How to Adopt and Install Your Own Vertical Oyster Garden

Vertical Oyster Gardens are an excellent way for homeowners to play an active role in the restoration of the Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay watersheds while contributing to a growing citizen science effort. This How-to video walks interested adoptees through the adoption process from start to finish. 

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