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May 2024 NewsletterBay Mini-Grants, World Fish Migration Day, Tarpon TagView
April 2024 NewsletterTea Bag Index, Rooftop Nesting, Shells for ShorelinesView
March 2024 NewsletterTBERF, Women Make Waves, Moccasin LakeView
February 2024 NewsletterWater Quality Results, #IHeartEstuaries, GOMCONView
January 2024 NewsletterFilm Screening, Arbor Day, and TBERFView
December 2023 NewsletterGift Guide, Meet Jill, EcoSummitView
November 2023 NewsletterManatees, Shells for Shorelines, and moreView
October 2023 NewsletterFlamingos, Living Shorelines, and moreView
September 2023 NewsletterNational Estuaries Week, Economic Valuation of Tampa BayView
June 2023 NewsletterIt's Time to Be Floridian - News , Jobs, and EventsView
February 2023 Newsletter2022 Seagrass Mapping Results, Open Science Workshop, Critical Coastal Habitat MonitoringView
January 2023 Newsletter2023 TBERF, Wild and Scenic Little Manatee River, Dear Tampa BayView
December 2022 NewsletterHappy Holidays, Seagrass Scarring, Macroalgae WorkshopView
November 2022 NewsletterTampa Bay Ocean Sweep, Smalltooth Sawfish, Warming Waters and Seagrass LossView
October 2022 NewsletterPiney Point Update, Meet Kerry, Trash TournamentView
August 2022 Newsletter2022 State of the Bay, TBEP's Hiring, Piney PointView
July 2022 NewsletterHard Bottom, Rattlesnake Key, SeagrassView
June 2022 NewsletterGolden Mangrove Winners, Crosthwait Fishing Tournament, USF Water StudyView
May 2022 NewsletterMarcus Beck Staff Feature, Diamondback Terrapin New Rules, Tampa Bay ResilienceView
March 2022 NewsletterBASIS7-ANEP Resources, Piney Point Publication, 2022 Seagrass SurveyView
January 2022 NewsletterTBERF 10th Year, Adopt-A-VOG, Urban Fishing in Tampa BayView
November 2021 NewsletterBASIS7-ANEP, CERF2021, Twitter and Harmful Algal BloomsView
October 2021 NewsletterDr. Robert Bullard, Life in the Bay Video, St. Petersburg Science FestView
Fall 2021 Bay Postscript2021 TBERF Awards, Piney Point Dashboard Tutorial Video, 2021 National Estuaries WeekView
June 2021 NewsletterMicroplastics, Bees in St. Pete, Fishing Pier FinderView
April 2021 NewsletterPiney Point , Seagrass Declines, 2018 Red Tide ImpactsView
Winter 2021 Bay Postscript2021 Bay Mini-Grant Recipients, TBEP Hiring, BASIS7-ANEPView
November 2020 NewsletterMarcus Beck and Open Science, Boyd Hill Nature Preserve, Hillsborough County Hiking SpreeView
July 2020 NewsletterTBEP Welcomes Sheila Scolaro, New Tidal Creeks Dashboard, R Training WorkshopView
Summer 2020 Bay Postscript2019 Water Quality Results, Living Shorelines, SPC STEM Gopher Tortoise ProgramView
Aril 2020 NewsletterDigital Challenge Grants, Water Quality Dashboard, Bay Mini-Grant FeatureView
February 2020 NewsletterAdopt a Mono-tube, G. Steve Jordan Video Series, TBERF ReminderView
Summer 2019 Bay Postscript2019 State of the Bay, TBERF Grantees, NurdlesView
Spring 2019 Bay Postscript2018 Water Quality Results, Dredged Hole Recommendations View
Winter 2019 Bay PostscriptGolden Mangrove Winners, Restore Act Funding, Nekton IndexView
Spring 2018 Bay PostscriptTBERF Awards, Causeway Alterations, TBNMCView
March 2018 Bay PostscriptWater Clarity Meets Goals, Ocean Acidification, Hard BottomView
December 2017 Bay PostscriptEd Sherwood as TBEP Director, CCMP Public Summary, Shellfish and Algal BloomsView
November 2017 NewsletterCorals, Florida-friendly LandscapingView
October 2017 NewsletterSolar Co-ops, Pinellas County Preserves,View
September 2017 NewsletterSustainability Summit, Fishing Line CleanupView
September 2017 Bay PostscriptCCMP Revision, Ship Wakes Study, Hard BottomView
August 2017 Bay PostscriptNitrogen Partnership Award, Seagrass Survey Training, View
June 2017 Bay PostscriptTBEP's New Logo, Holly Greening Retires, Restoration and Research Grants AnnouncedView
March 2017 Bay PostscriptHard Bottom Video, Love Tampa Bay Photo Contest, TBEP Director HonoredView
January 2017 Bay PostscriptUpdated Bay Management Plan, Bay Mini-Grant Awards, Golden Mangrove AwardsView
October 2016 Bay PostscriptStormwater and Seagrass, TBERF Ceremony, National Estuaries WeekView
August 2016 Bay PostscriptCongress Reauthorizes National Estuary Program, Updates to Tampa Bay Management Plan, New Boating GuideView
June 2016 NewsletterSummer Fertilizer Bans, 14,000 Lionfish Removed, Boating AccidentsView
May 2016 Bay Postscript$314,000 Awarded for Bay Protection, TBEP Awarded Future of the Region, TBEP Welcomes Maya BurkeView
April 2016 NewsletterSeagrass Fest, Oyster Bar VolunteeringView
March 2016 NewsletterAquaculture at UF, Don't Cut the Line!View
February 2016 Bay PostscriptWater Quality Declines, TBEP Welcomes Gary Raulerson, Archie Creek and Sea Level RiseView
February 2016 Newsletter Part TwoLionfish Harvesting, NatGeo Tampa Speaker Series, Dispatches from the GulfView
February 2016 NewsletterCMP Updates, Florida Wildlife Corridor Film Screening, RaptorFestView
January 2016 NewsletterSnook Symposium, Rye Preserve Nature Center Grand Opening, Florida YardsView
December 2015 Bay PostscriptRoots, Shoots and Shovels, Be Floridian Turns Five, BASIS6View
November 2015 NewsletterSeagrass Success, The Forgotten Coast, Golden Asters, Red TideView
March 2015 Bay Postscript2014 Water Quality Report, Bay Mini-Grants Receive 83k, TBEP Prgoress ReportView
July 2015 Newsletter Part TwoOcean Frontiers Film, Lawn Care 101View
July 2015 NewsletterBe Floridian Workshop, BASIS6View
December 2014 Bay PostscriptCoastal Habitat Change, Golden Mangrove at East LakeView
September 2014 Bay PostscriptRoger Stewart, Bay Economy, Climate Adaptation Effort, the Art of Being FloiridianView
June 2014 Bay PostscriptTBERF Recipients, Tarpon Tag, TBEP Staff UpdatesView
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