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SourceDate PublishedHeadlineLink
Tampa Beacon (Suncoast News)1/18/2024Grant helps VISTA Gardens with restoration projectView Article
Weekly Challenger1/20/2024Local filmmaker explores Black people's complicated relationship with waterView Article
ABC Action News1/18/2024New funding for environmental protection projects now available in the Tampa Bay areaView Article
FOX 131/13/2024100 times more microplastics in water bottles than once thoughtView Article
FOX 131/11/2024DeSantis funds $10M to combat harmful algae blooms like red tideView Article
10 Tampa Bay10/25/2023Seagrass die-off could impact how you enjoy Old Tampa BayView Article
Tampa Bay Times10/19/2023Here’s why some Tampa Bay restaurants aren’t throwing away oyster shellsView Article
ABC Action News10/5/2023New report shows fish health in Tampa Bay area at its worst since 2008View Article
Tampa Bay Times9/25/2023Is hot water hurting seagrass recovery in Tampa Bay? A new study aims to find out.View Article
Sarasota Herald Tribune8/7/2023Sarasota Bay’s continuing seagrass loss signals troubleView Article
Garden & Gun7/20/2023How to Swim for Scallops on Florida’s Gulf CoastView Article
Power Broker Magazine6/27/2023Community Grants Available For Environmental ProjectsView Article
Tampa Bay Times6/13/2023Piney Point pollution spread farther than first thought, new study showsView Article
Spectrum News 96/13/2023Polluted water from Piney Point traveled to north Pinellas County, study saysView Article
10 Tampa Bay5/19/2023Brown, discolored water spotted off Pinellas County beachesView Article
Tampa Bay Times5/15/2023Florida environment groups, businesses urge DeSantis to veto ‘attack’ on fertilizer bansView Article
FOX 135/11/2023500,000 gallons of raw sewage spills from Clearwater wastewater treatment plantView Article
Axios5/3/2023Florida legislature moves to block fertilizer bansView Article
Florida Phoenix4/6/2023Good news-bad news on Florida manatee deaths this yearView Article
Tampa Bay Times4/5/2023Tampa Bay's redfish are contaminated with pharmaceuticals, study showsView Article
Invading Sea3/16/2023Water is ‘our way of life’ but makes Florida vulnerable to climate changeView Article
Tampa Bay Times3/15/2023Should Tampa dye the Hillsborough River green for St. Patrick’s Day? A petition says no.View Article
Florida Sportsman3/11/2023Call to Action: Tampa Bay Needs You, AgainView Article
CBS3/10/2023Tampa Bay manatee deaths increasing as seagrass mapping sees third straight declineView Article
WUSF2/15/2023Seagrasses have been in decline in Tampa Bay for three years in a row. Here's whyView Article
St. Pete Catalyst2/14/2023Significant seagrass loss alarms researchersView Article
Tampa Bay Times2/13/2023Tampa Bay lost 12% of its seagrass in 2 years; some areas at historic low, study showsView Article
WFLA2/13/2023Seagrass dying at an alarming rate in Old Tampa BayView Article
Tampa Bay Times12/8/2022Respiratory problems from Red Tide possible at some Pinellas beaches, officials warnView Article
Tampa Bay Times12/7/2022In Tampa Bay, boat propellers have killed seagrass. A new mapping project may helpView Article
Tampa Bay Times12/7/2022In Tampa Bay, boat propellers have killed seagrass. A new mapping project may help.View Article
FOX 1311/23/2022Tampa Bay area leaders release roadmap for local governments to help protect coast against changing weatherView Article
Tampa Bay Times11/18/2022Small amounts of Red Tide were just measured in Tampa Bay. Should we be worried?View Article
Tampa Bay Times11/18/2022Red Tide reached Anna Maria this week. Will Hurricane Nicole make it worse?View Article
WTOG 44 News10/21/2022Local experts study Tampa Bay water quality after Hurricane IanView Article
ABC Action News10/20/2022Researchers look into Hurricane Ian's impact after reverse storm surge in Tampa BayView Article
Tampa Bay Times10/19/2022Hurricane Ian drained the waters of Tampa Bay. Did that affect the environment?View Article
Tampa Bay Times10/16/2022Hurricane Ian left millions of gallons of spilled wastewater, dirty runoff in its wakeView Article
Sarasota Magazine10/7/2022The Little Manatee River is One Step Closer to Being a Protected WaterwayView Article
WUSF10/7/2022Dying seagrasses and algae blooms found in Tampa Bay could be lingering effects of Piney Point releasesView Article
10 Tampa Bay9/7/2022International Manatee Day: What needs to be done to save the speciesView Article
FOX 138/30/2022Seagrass meadows in Tampa Bay see 'significant' decline over last four yearsView Article
St. Pete Catalyst8/25/2022Tampa Bay Estuary unveils its ‘State of the Bay’View Article
Th Bradenton Times8/21/2022TBEP Releases its 2022 State of the Bay ReportView Article
WMNF8/16/2022Sustainable Living: Tampa Bay water qualityView Article
FOX 138/1/2022City of Dunedin shares 'Scoop the Poop' message with the help of kilts, bagpipes, and swordsView Article
Tampa Bay Times7/12/2022Is more algae mucking up Tampa Bay? Scientists need to track it first.View Article
Viera Voice7/1/2022Tampa Bay Estuary Program showing way to improve water qualityView Article
WUSF6/28/2022Florida Matters gets an update on the Tampa Bay region’s water qualityView Article
Sarasota Magazine6/9/2022Rattlesnake Key Slated to Become a State ParkView Article
FOX 135/26/2022New fertilizer ban coming to Hillsborough CountyView Article
Gulfport Gabber5/17/2022Gulfport Rain Garden Gets Golden Mangrove AwardView Article
Tampa Bay Times5/3/2022Is it OK to put dog poop in a neighbor’s trash? Tampa Bay debatesView Article
WUSF5/2/2022A new study shows the Piney Point spill likely made red tide worseView Article
10 Tampa Bay4/26/2022Florida has some of the most polluted lakes in the countryView Article
CBS4/25/2022Contaminated water from Florida mining facility dumped a year's worth of hazardous nutrients into Tampa Bay in just 10 days, study showsView Article
NASA Applied Sciences4/21/2022Marcus Beck: Working in Water ResourcesView Article
WUSF4/19/2022Report details climate change's imminent impact to Tampa Bay, says cost of doing nothing is direView Article
FOX 134/12/2022Tampa gets $200,000 grant to help find ways to protect from future coastal issues along McKay BayView Article
Tampa Bay Times4/8/2022What we know about Piney Point’s impact on Tampa BayView Article
Creative Loafing3/21/2022A creek with no name: Boyd Hill Nature Preserve captures the true paradox of FloridaView Article
Bradenton Herald12/13/2021Florida Scientists: Social Media Can Track Toxic AlgaeView Article
Modern Globe12/8/2021Citizen Groups Receiving Mini-Grants Make a Difference for Tampa BayView Article
FOX 13 News11/18/2021Hillsborough County to crack down on use of harmful fertilizers during rainy seasonView Article
83 Degrees11/2/2021Red tide persists along Florida's Gulf coast, how you can help stop itView Article
10 Tampa Bay10/6/2021The science, outreach, and impact of sea level riseView Article
ABC Action News9/20/2021Red tide and algae blooms: Florida waters in crisisView Article
WTSP 108/25/2021Another Piney Point wastewater release is on the table, DEP saysView Article
AXIOS Tampa Bay8/24/2021How Tampa is using data to better understand its trashView Article
Tampa Bay Times8/16/2021Florida fears rain, hurricanes could cause Piney Point pollution to overflowView Article
France248/10/2021Why tonnes of dead fish are washing up on Florida beachesView Article
The Counter7/29/2021Months after the Piney Point wastewater disaster, a massive red tide has killed 1,600-plus tons of marine life—a huge blow to the local fishing communityView Article
CNN7/28/2021600 tons of marine life have washed up on Florida's shoresView Article
WMNF Mid Point7/28/2021Red Tide, Piney Point & Nutrient Pollution with Charlie JusticeView Article
WTSP 107/27/2021Red tide levels in Tampa Bay at their worst in decadesView Article
WTSP 107/26/2021No, there isn’t 'scientific consensus' on red tide impact from Piney PointView Article
FOX137/24/2021Red tide prediction map shows worsening conditions on Pinellas County beachesView Article
Bradenton Herald7/23/2021Red tide is expected to intensify, and scientists point the finger at Piney PointView Article
Tampa Bay Times7/23/2021Red Tide’s return raises fears about the health of Tampa BayView Article
Sarasota Herald Tribune7/23/2021Estuary programs blame Piney Point for worsening red tide conditionsView Article
Channel 107/20/2021Can fertilizer bans help ease Tampa Bay's red tide woes?View Article
Tampa Bay Breakfast Club7/15/2021What's up with this Red Tide?View Article
ABC Action News7/14/2021Red tide, fish kills persist in Tampa Bay areaView Article
Brockovich Report7/14/2021Call It A Crisis: An Update On Piney Point & Tampa BayView Article
NPR7/13/2021At Least 600 Tons Of Dead Fish Have Washed Up Along Tampa Bay's ShoreView Article
Tampa Bay Times7/13/2021No Red Tide relief in sight as dead fish overwhelm St. PetersburgView Article
FOX13 News7/9/2021Mounds of dead fish close beaches, prompt around-the-clock cleanup in Pinellas, Hillsborough countiesView Article
ABC National News7/8/2021‘It’s Not Too Late’ with Ginger Zee: Rising sea levelsView Article
ABC Action News7/8/2021Red tide, dead fish persist in Tampa Bay regionView Article
WFTS7/7/2021Local experts: Elsa may or may not impact red tideView Article
Bay News 97/7/2021Elsa adds 9 million gallons of stormwater to Piney Point poolsView Article
ABC Action News6/30/2021Concerns raised over red tide, dead fish in Tampa BayView Article
Tampa Bay Times6/25/2021Hillsborough issues Red Tide health alert; Pinellas says beaches are clearView Article
FOX 13 News6/19/2021Red tide lingers off Pinellas coast, shows up in new spots in Tampa BayView Article
Bradenton Herald6/18/2021‘The bay is not in great shape.’ After Piney Point, water advocates push for pollution cutsView Article
Florida This Week6/18/2021Florida This WeekView Article
Bay Soundings6/15/2021A new way to look at litterView Article
Tampa Bay Times6/14/2021Could Tampa Bay’s Red Tide be connected to Piney Point disaster?View Article
Anna Maria Island Sun Newspaper6/14/2021Piney Point-algae link exploredView Article
ABC (Tampa)6/11/2021Red tide hitting local beachesView Article
WUSF6/11/2021Tampa Bay Algae Blooms Could Be Fed By Piney Point WastewaterView Article
FOX13 News6/10/2021Florida red tide blooms concern beach business ownersView Article
Sarasota Herald-Tribune6/6/2021Red tide, fish kill reported in Tampa Bay waters near Piney PointView Article
Tampa Bay Times6/3/2021Hillsborough health officials send Red Tide warning for Tampa BayView Article
ABC Action News6/3/2021Officials: Red tide detected in parts of lower, middle Tampa BayView Article
Florida Specifier6/1/2021Florida SpecifierView Article
Herald-Tribune5/24/2021Initial pulse' of nutrient-rich water from Piney Point has dissipated, USF research showsView Article
Sarasota-Herald Tribune5/23/2021Sarasota Bay losing vital seagrass, research showsView Article
ABC Action News5/19/2021It's catastrophic': Why more than 700 dead manatees are just the tip of the icebergView Article
Gulfport Gabber5/18/2021Clam Bayou’s New ‘Litter Gitter’View Article
WUSF5/17/2021Seagrass In Tampa Bay Declined 13 Percent In Recent YearsView Article
Fox 13 Tampa Bay5/12/2021Environmentalists concerned about 13% seagrass decline in Tampa BayView Article
Fox 13 Tampa Bay5/4/2021How the Litter Gitter removes trash from waterwaysView Article
Tampa Bay Times4/30/2021Tampa Bay lost 13 percent of its seagrass in two years, study showsView Article
News Channel 83/22/2021Man accused of dumping scooters into Tampa BayView Article
FOX 132/18/2021Report: Sea level rise to have worst impacts along Gulf of Mexico, East CoastView Article
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