Give-A-Day for the Bay in the Town of Kenneth City

For this workday, TBEP has partnered with Keep Pinellas Beautiful and the Town of Kenneth City for a Lake, Street, and Waterway Clean-Up event.

If you’ve traveled around Pinellas County, you may have passed through Kenneth City without even realizing it.  Here’s your chance to learn more about this Town with the small-town feel.

We’ll meet at Kenneth City Town Hall then travel to one (or more) of the many lakes located within Kenneth City.

Here’s what we have planned:

  • A Brazilian pepper haul (dragging cut limbs for pick-up and proper disposal)
  • Land-based clean up (walking along shorelines and streets picking up trash)
  • And a water-based clean up (using kayaks and canoes to clean trash from the lakes)

Volunteers with their own boats are welcome to bring them for this workday.

Still not sure if you want to join in on the fun – let’s sweeten the deal -LUNCH.  A little bird told me this one will be extra special.  A down-home fish fry with homemade hush puppies!

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