Debris Derby Team Meeting and Early Check-in

Team Meeting and Early Check-in
Friday, November 3rd
This is an opportunity to check-in and collect your trash collection supplies and SWAG so that you can get an early start on Saturday. If you decide to check-in on Friday, you have a choice of visiting 1 of our 3 locations:

  1. Green Bench Brewery (1133 Baum Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33705)
  2. Cigar City (3924 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607)
  3. Soggy Bottom Brewery (660 Main St., Dunedin, FL 34689)

Although this event is entirely optional, one representative from each team is encouraged to attend and pick up supplies. We will have a check-in table on Saturday morning at E.G. Simmons for those of you who can’t make the captains meeting.

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