Habitat Restoration Consortium

As described within Section 8 of the recently released TBEP 2020 Habitat Master Plan Update (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hp0l_qtbxp1JxKJoGatdyuANSzQrpL0I/view?usp=sharing), the TBEP is creating a habitat restoration consortium.

The objective of this group is to develop and implement a coordinated watershed approach that could 1) coordinate management, restoration, compensatory mitigation, and conservation land acquisition activities towards priority sites and projects identified in the HMPU; and 2) expand the scope and reach of habitat restoration planning up into the watershed to include contiguous and isolated freshwater wetland habitats as well as native upland habitats. Through these activities, publicly-funded conservation land acquisition and habitat restoration programs would be coordinated with regulatory compensatory mitigation activities throughout the entire watershed, optimizing available resources directed towards attainment of adopted watershed-level wetland habitat restoration goals, and tracking losses through permitted activities.

Based on a few initial conversations, attached and linked please find some extremely draft documents for 1) Goals and objectives, and 2) Roles and responsibilities. Discussion of the ideas contained within these documents (and desired changes by the group) will comprise a significant portion of the meeting.

Draft Agenda

Gary E. Raulerson, Ph.D.


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Dec 09 2020


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm