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Tampa Bay Management Plan

📂 Charting the Course: The Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (2017 Revision) (PDF)

📂 CCMP Update: Public Summary (PDF)

📂 Southwest Florida Regional Ecosystem Restoration Plan (PDF)

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Tampa Bay Estuary Program

📂 Tampa Bay Estuary Program Progress Report 2015 (PDF)

📂 Tampa Bay Estuary Program Progress Report 2012 (PDF)

📂 The Tampa Bay Estuary Program: A Partnership for a Healthy Bay (brochure) (PDF)

📂 Seagrass Info Card (PDF)

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📂 Boater's Alert Card (PDF)

📂 Boater's Guide to Safety and Security Zones in Tampa Bay (PDF)

📂 Boater's Guide to Boca Ciega Bay (PDF)

📂 Boater's Guide to Hillsborough Bay (PDF)

📂 Boater's Guide to Hillsborough Bay in Spanish (PDF)

📂 Boater's Guide to Clearwater Harbor and St. Joseph's Sound (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in eastern Old Tampa Bay (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in the Little Manatee River (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in the Safety Harbor area (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in the South Manatee River (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in the North Manatee River (PDF)

📂 Manatee Speed Zones in the Manatee and Braden Rivers (PDF)

📂 Lower Tampa Bay Boater's Guide (PDF)

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📂 Artificial Reefs in Tampa Bay - English (PDF)

📂 Artificial Reefs in Tampa Bay - Spanish (PDF)

📂 Tampa Bay Ethical Angler Wallet Card (PDF)

📂 Which Would You Rather Catch? (PDF)

📂 Which Would You Rather Catch? (Spanish) (PDF)

📂 Catch and Release: Things You Can Do To Help Saltwater Fish Survive (PDF)

📂 What To Do If You Hook a Pelican (PDF)

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Informative Publications

📂 Guide to the Mangroves of Florida (PDF)

📂 Fish Consumption Guide for Mercury (PDF)

📂 Common Wading Birds Of Tampa Bay (PDF)

📂 If You Love Us, Please Don't Feed Us (PDF)

📂 Florida's Estuaries (PDF)

📂 Florida's Mangroves (PDF)

📂 Florida's Seagrasses (PDF)

📂 Florida's Salt Marshes (PDF)

📂 Living Next to Nature: A Homeowner's Guide to Minimizing Environmental Impact (Brochure) (PDF)

📂 Getting The Scoop on Dog Poop (Rack Card) (PDF)

📂 Getting The Scoop on Dog Poop in Spanish (Rack Card) (PDF)

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» Intruders in Paradise: A Teaching Guide to Invasive Species in Florida

📂 Be Floridian Coloring Book (PDF)

📂 Guardians of the Bay Comic Book (PDF)

📂 Tina Tern Activity Book For Elementary Grades (PDF)

📂 The Creek, The Kazoo, and What YOU Can Do: A Children's Book About Stormwater Runoff (PDF)

📂 Flippers and Feathers Activity Book (PDF)

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Yards and Neighborhoods

📂 A Practical Guide to Estuary-Friendly Living (PDF)

📂 Fertilize Like a Floridian Information Card (Pinellas) (PDF)

📂 Fertilize Like a Floridian Information Card (Manatee) (PDF)

📂 Fertilize Like a Floridian Information Card (Tampa) (PDF)

📂 "Getting the Scoop on Poop!" Fact Sheet (PDF)

📂 "Getting the Scoop on Poop!" Rack Card (PDF)

📂 Cypress Mulch - Why Kill a Tree to Grow a Flower? (PDF)

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Invasive Species

📂 A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of the Tampa Bay Region (PDF)/a>

📂 Brazilian Pepper: Identify and Eliminate This Pest Plant (PDF)

📂 Marine Invaders Dive Card (PDF)

📂 A Primer on Invasive Species in Coastal and Marine Waters (PDF)

📂 Invasive Species Poetry Book (PDF)

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Summer Camp Instructor Module

📂 Summer Camp Instructor Module (PDF)

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