Tampa Bay Estuary Program

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The mission of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program is to build partnerships to restore and protect Tampa Bay through implementation of a scientifically sound, community-based management plan. The Tampa Bay Estuary Program was created by Congress in 1991 to assist the community in restoring and protecting Florida's largest open-water estuary. As a designated "estuary of national significance," Tampa Bay is the economic and environmental centerpiece of a rapidly growing region supporting more than 2.3 million people.

The bay is also home to an impressive variety of animals, from spectacular wading birds to gentle manatees to prized sportfish like snook and tarpon.

After decades of decline, Tampa Bay has made a remarkable comeback in recent years, with impressive gains in water quality, seagrass recovery and fish and wildlife populations.

We invite you to explore the bay through our website, learn more about what we do and join us in working to keep Tampa Bay on the road to recovery!

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