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Tampa Bay Estuary Program


Pooches for the Planet: Scoop That Poop!  »  Take the "Pooches for the Planet" Pledge

Take the "Pooches for the Planet" Pledge
Clean Waters! Clean Yards! Clean Shoes!

Tampa Bay Estuary Program Pooches for the Planet Pledge

Pledge to help prevent water pollution by picking up after your dog and get a free Photo Pal magnet - perfect for a photo of your canine companion!

Did You Know:

  • Dog poop can transmit disease to other dogs and humans
  • A single gram of doggy doo can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria.
  • Studies show that two to three days' worth of pet waste from just 100 dogs in a 20-square-mile watershed can contribute enough bacteria to make swimming unsafe.
  • About 40% of all dog owners do NOT pick up after their pets

Join the "Pooches for the Planet" pack by checking the boxes and submitting the completed form along with your complete address. You must fill in the address portion of the form to receive your free "Pooches for the Planet" Photo Pal Magnet. (Sorry, we can't ship outside the Tampa Bay region.)

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I pledge to:

  Pick up after my dog

  Place the waste in a bag

  Dispose of it properly by placing it in a trash receptacle

  Encourage other dog owners to join me in protecting our environment by picking up after their pets

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