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Tampa Bay Estuary Program


Eyes on the Bay: Invasive Plants and Animals

Raising Awareness of Invasive Species and Their Impacts on Tampa Bay

Eyes on the Bay

"Eyes On The Bay" is a campaign to educate citizens of the Tampa Bay watershed about ecological and economic problems caused by invasive plants and animals, and enlist their support in preventing introductions of invasive species and monitoring the extent of invasions.

Providing information on the Internet through our website is a key component of the program. By exploring the links below you will be able to learn about documented or potential invasive species in Tampa Bay, order educational materials or videos, and find out what YOU can do to help prevent additional invasions.

» Fast Facts About Invasive Species

» Brazilian Peppers: Beautiful But Bad

» Invasive Species Links

» Are Green Mussels Safe To Eat?

» Alien Hitchhikers: How Invasive Species Get Around

» What YOU Can Do To Help Stop The Invasion

» A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of the Tampa Bay Region

» Guide to Recent Marine Coastal Invaders of the Southeastern United States

» Marine Invaders Dive Card

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