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What is a Community Advisory Committee Member?

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) members want to learn more about the issues and challenges facing the bay. We consider them the Tampa Bay Estuary Program's (TBEP) "Citizen-Ambassadors" for the bay!

CAC Activities include:

  • Communicate at least once a year with their local elected officials to provide an update on the efforts and progress of the TBEP in restoring Tampa Bay.

  • Volunteer for at least one TBEP-sponsored activity or special event each year.

  • Serving as judges for Bay Mini-Grants "Golden Mangrove" Award. This award is given to the most outstanding grant project.

  • Attend Area Bay Management meetings (ABM) at the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council representing the CAC for the Tampa Bay Estuary Program.

  • Serving as judges for TBEP's Bay Mini-Grants program. CAC members are responsible for making recommendations regarding community grants each year, funded by the specialty license plate.

  • Represent TBEP on other committees and boards, as appointed by CAC co-chairs.

  • Provide feedback to TBEP on the views of the communities and interest groups they represent, as they relate to the goals of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Tampa Bay.

  • Provide feedback to TBEP on the annual program Work Plan.

  • Evaluate and report progress by local communities and agencies in implementing the CCMP and provide support where needed;

  • Serving on a Speaker's Bureau to give presentations about the bay to schools and community groups.


  • CAC members must live or work in Hillsborough, Manatee or Pinellas counties

  • Must be able to attend 4 2-hour meetings per year, held on a Wednesday from 3 p.m.-5 pm. in northeast St. Petersburg

  • Members serve 2-year terms.

Current Members:

Tampa Bay Estuary Program CAC

Jan Allyn, Co-ChairAppointed by Pinellas County
Stephanie AmmonsMember at Large
Sue Brandon Appointed by the City of Oldsmar
Cara CooperMember at Large
Harry Cunningham IIIMember at Large
Stephanie EllingtonMember at Large
Wendy Giesy GriffinAppointed by SWFWMD
Mike Herdegen Member at Large
Jim IglerMember at Large
Tra James, Co-ChairAppointed by City of Clearwater
Marjorie KarvonenMember at Large
Kristin LehmanMember at Large
Joanne LentinoMember at Large
Andy LykensMember at Large
Nadine NickesonAppointed by the City of Safety Harbor
Ronald PorterAppointed by the City of St. Petersburg
Dorothy RaineyMember at Large
Christine SciarrinoMember at Large
David WestmarkMember at Large
Catie WondersAppointed by Manatee County
Ray Wunderlich IVMember at Large

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